Saturday, 4 August 2012

For buying Products / Becoming Tupperware Dealer - Contact : Sandhya @+91 9545513284

All stocks available.

1. All types of Tiffin set
2. Water Bottles and Tumblers
3. Snacks containers to carry breakfast / fruit/ salads (Tropical twins, large handy bowls, Ezy bowl set, Preludeo Bowl set, Clear Bowl set)
4. Dry storage containers (capacity - 20kg, 10kg, 7kg, 5kg, 3.5kg, 2kg, 1kg, 0.5kg)
5. Microwave containers
6. Cool N Fresh (for refrigerator storage)
7. Freezer Mate (for freezer storage)
8. Liquid dispenser (Oil / catch up dispenser bottles)
9. Dinner set